Let’s talk about GMO’s and other ridiculousness


Welcome! Next week, I will write a book report on Dr. Arnoff’s Toxic Food, Healthy Food – Your Survival Guide to Healthy Eating and Better Nutrition. I am about halfway through and am learning more about the horrors of our food supply, which I will of course share. Yay!

Speaking of horrors, let’s talk again about GMO’s! In fact, let’s keep talking about GMO’s because we need to arm ourselves with information and not be swayed by Monsanto propaganda (yes, we are looking at you, state of WA). The good news is that progress can be made if we make our collective voices heard.  For example, Mexico banned the planting of GMO corn effective immediately. See other bits of good news here:


Also several multi-nationals already produce non-GMO versions of foods for sale in Europe, which is good, but not the US, which is bad! Here’s the skinny on non-GMO Cheerios that we can’t buy here – yeah, that needs to change:


If you are not very familiar with what’s going on with GMO’s, watch the short GMOS101 video below for an excellent primer on the subject. If you would like to learn more, check out the other resources in this link, like the non-GMO shopping guide.  To really dive in, sign up for the free online GMO summit which starts tomorrow:


In summary, GMO’s are formed when genes from one organism (e.g. bacteria, virus) are forced into the DNA of another species (e.g. plant) to transfer traits. The issue is that this is something that came into prevalence a couple of decades ago, and no testing by the FDA or Monsanto was done to ensure the safety of this process before setting it loose. If this isn’t the definition of hubris, I don’t know what is! The fact of the matter is that WE ARE THE GUINEA PIGS for a process nature never intended unless we make conscious decisions to avoid GMO foods and eliminate their release into the environment so the food supply is not permanently contaminated. There really is no other issue of this magnitude confronting the quality of our food supply today.

As you work on improving the quality of food for yourself and your family, cost may rightly be a concern. Check out this post from the Environmental Working Group for tips to get Good Food on a Tight Budget:


And on the ridiculousness front, some schools forbid you to send your kid to school with a healthy, non-sugary, non-greasy, non-GMO lunch and instead require that your kid eat Big Food/Big Government sanctioned unhealthy slop unless you can provide a doctor’s note! Whaaaaaa?????


I know when I was a kid, this type of heavy-handed ridiculousness would not have flown. The principal would have been promptly laughed out of his or her office for dictating what students could eat for lunch. I hope the parents who experience this intrusiveness do not accept it quietly.

That concludes our post for today! I welcome your comments and wish you the best in your pursuit of health and wellness!

Photo from Whole Foods GMO Infographic.


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