Newsflash: “100 Days of Real Food” website

Greetings All! I came across this website and had to share it. If you are just getting started on a whole, real food diet, then this is a great resource to help with the transition. She also includes tips for those of us with an eye on the budget:

Lisa Leake also writes a very informative blog about food related issues. She is also concerned about the prevalence of GMO’s in our food supply. As she explains:

Here’s the crazy thing about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) – not only have no long term trials been conducted to evaluate the health impact of eating GMOs, but also it’s very difficult to know when you’re eating them (unless you’re only eating organic). And while this may be top of mind when purchasing some of the common GMO crops like corn, soy, and even papaya, I think it’s something that is often overlooked when purchasing not-so-obvious products like dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.).

If you are unfamiliar with the GMO situation, here is a nice infographic to get up to speed:

GMO Pro’s and Con’s

[ SOURCE: Carrington College – GMO Pro and Con ]

Happy Non-GMO eating, my friends!


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