Weekend Wrap…Hey Monsanto – you cook food, not scientific data

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Welcome back, health fans! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family. Thanksgiving is about preparing delicious food and breaking bread with loved ones, so I thought I would stick with the “cooking” scheme for today. Now normally you associate cooking with food, but the likes of Monsanto like to cook scientific data as well. Basically, they like to filter unfavorable data or squash scientific studies entirely which indicate that genetically modified foods lead to disease and are dangerous for consumption. Robyn O’Brien discusses this tactic extensively in her book The Unhealthy Truth. See the link below for their latest trick:


In Summary:

–          After a 2012 study linking cancer with Monsanto’s genetically modified corn, the scientific journal that published the study is now retracting it, after hiring a former Monsanto employee to fill a new editorial position reviewing biotechnology papers.

–          The researchers found “severe toxic effects (including liver congestions, necrosis and kidney nephropathies), increased tumor rates and higher mortality in rats fed Monsanto’s genetically modified NK603 maize and/or the associated herbicide Roundup.”

–          The researchers promised to sue the journal for the unjustified retraction

–          A Eurpoean network of scientists, ENSSER, condemned the journal for violating “not only the criteria for retraction to which the journal itself subscribes, but any standards of good science.”

As someone who worked in research and development and authored papers which have been published in scholarly journals, I can say from personal experience that having a published paper retracted is huge in the scientific community. The basis for such an action should be something serious like fragrant fraud or fabricated data, neither of which was proven in this case. This just reeks of Monsanto, once again, squashing data which demonstrates the dangers of GMO’s so they can continue to cram them down our throats – literally. Disgusting!

The situation above begs us to ask ourselves the questions below, as written by Ronnie Cummins, National Director, Organic Consumers Association and Organic Consumers Fund:

–          When did we give greedy corporations the right to spray billions of pounds of toxic pesticides on our food and soil?

–          When did we give them the power to create generations of junk food addicts by mixing up chemical potions and passing them off as food?

–          When did we tell lawmakers it was O.K. to let Monsanto flood our supermarkets and schools and hospitals with toxic, genetically engineered frankenfoods? So we could all, unknowingly, become a part of their science experiment?

–          When did we relinquish our seat at the table?

Good question, because clearly we have relinquished our seat at the table. Also, why did we relinquish it? I suspect that we relinquished our seat at the table by being distracted, not paying close attention, not digging for facts, believing what we are told in the mainstream media, and most importantly, not realizing the power that we collectively have by voting with our $$$.  You don’t have to be a food activist to make a difference. We can all choose to reject unnatural, artificial, genetically modified “foods” and have a financial impact on the junk food purveyors. When it comes right down to it, nothing is going to change if Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Factory Farms, etc. continue to make huge profits because their financial might will allow them to continue to buy politicians and elections the world over.

So how do we vote with our $$? One suggestion is to spend most of your time in the grocery store around the periphery, where the produce section and meat counters are located. Buy fresh items which are organic when possible (especially for the Dirty Dozen [1]), or at least certified non-GMO. Avoid the highly processed and boxed foods in the center of the store as these will very likely contain GMO soy and corn. Also read the link below for a consumer guide for avoiding factory farms:


If we band together, we can make a difference and get our seat at the table back!

I hope all of the above is helps you make healthy choices for yourself and the planet. Have a good week!

[1] http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary.php


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