Wheat and Gluten and Carbs, Oh My…

Dr P

Welcome and oh my, indeed, because we are learning more about the impact of modern wheat on our bodies, and it is not good.  (Note that modern wheat is very different from the heritage wheat of our ancestors [1]). As pointed out in the excellent article below by Dr. David Perlmutter, the concern is not just for the gluten-intolerant, but for all humans:


As Dr. Perlmutter explains:

–          While gluten makes up the lion’s share of protein in wheat, research reveals that modern wheat is capable of producing more than 23,000 different proteins, any one of which could trigger a potentially damaging inflammatory response. One protein in particular is wheat germ agglutinin (WGA). WGA is classified as a lectin—a term for a protein produced by an organism to protect itself from predation.

–          It is precisely the ability of WGA to bind to proteins lining the gut that raises concern amongst medical researchers. When WGA binds to these proteins, it may leave these cells less well protected against the harmful effects of the gut contents.

–          WGA may also have direct toxic effects on the heart, endocrine, and immune systems, and even the brain. In fact, so readily does WGA make its way into the brain that scientists are actually testing it as a possible means of delivering medicines in an attempt to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

–          It is particularly alarming to consider the fact that there is a move to actually genetically modify wheat to enhance its WGA content. (As if we need another reason to reject GMO’s!)

Dr. Perlmutter makes very compelling arguments which are worthy of consideration. I am delving further into this topic by reading his book on the subject, Grain Brain. I will provide a more thorough report next week. Can’t say I am thrilled about this information because girlfriend loves her pasta and bread! However I don’t love these things more than my gut health and cognitive function, so changes will be made in the W Cubed household.

In the meantime, though, I believe reducing or eliminating grain and gluten deserves a spot on our Healthy Eating Tips List. In fact, I am sliding it into the middle:

First Layer:  Protect your gut health, digestion and immunity

–          Eliminate antibiotic and hormone-containing foods such as conventional meats and dairy; choose meats and dairy that are free of these nasties or go fully organic

–          Eliminate GMO’s primarily from processed foods containing conventional corn, high fructose corn syrup (AKA corn sugar) and soy

–          See 10/28/13 Blog Post (How to Keep Calm and Eat Healthier) for details

Second Layer:  Protect your pancreas’ ability to regulate blood sugar and prevent fatty liver disease

–          Eliminate artificial sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup (AKA corn sugar) and reduce the amount of refined sugar, especially from energy and soft drinks

–          See 10/31/13 Blog Post (Keeping in Calm and Healthy, Part Deux) for details

Third Layer:  Protect your and your children’s ability to think and concentrate

–          Eliminate artificial colors, flavors and additives especially from sodas, candies and processed foods

–          See 11/14/13 Blog Post (Why kids go berzerk after eating glowing orange mac ‘n cheese) for details

*New* Fourth Layer: Protect your gut and brain health

–          Reduce or eliminate gluten and wheat products

–          Will elaborate on this more next week!

Fifth Layer: Protect your body against disease by maintaining a basic, or alkaline, blood pH

–          Mitigate foods which cause your body to be acidic and feast on ones which make it alkaline, such as ripe fruits and vegetables

–          See 11/21/13 Blog Post (It’s all very basic…as in pH > 7…get it?) for details

Sixth Layer: Combine foods for maximum assimilation because “you are what you digest” (not only what you eat)

–          Follow food combining rules in which certain combinations of foods are not consumed at the same time to enable rapid digestion and prevent rotting and purifying in the gut (which is as bad as it sounds!)

–          See 12/5/13 Blog Post (Food Combining…It’s a Thing) for details

Interesting stuff! I hope this information helps you all on your journeys to fantastic health. Eat well and prosper, my friends!

[1] http://www.naturalnews.com/043043_einkorn_wheat_gluten_intolerance_celiac_disease.html#


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