The Biggest Food Labeling Scam of All Time (From the OCA)


Greetings All! I hope you are having a wonderful week. Let’s talk about food and what the Junk Food Industry would like label as “natural”. If they get their way, the label “natural” will lose all rational meaning. (Sarcastic sidebar: Will plastics like polyethylene be considered “natural” next, because it is an organic compound after all, comprised of a carbon backbone, and carbon is natural, so therefore that cheap plastic bag is a viable snack?) To learn more, read the appeal by Ronnie Cummins, National Director, Organic Consumers Association and Organic Consumers Fund:

In summary:

– Last week the junk food industry tested the limits of credulity when it asked the FDA to officially allow food manufacturers to use the word “natural” on labels describing foods contaminated with genetically modified organisms. (As we’ve discussed in this blog, GMO’s are hideous creations and anything but natural!)

– Ever since GMOs invaded our food supply, the Junk Food Giants have been hiding the truth from us—and getting away with it, thanks to their cozy, revolving-door relationship with the FDA.

– But it wasn’t enough to slip their unsafe, untested—and unlabeled—GMOs into our food. Once food manufacturers realized that consumers would pay a premium for anything labeled “natural,’ they took their deception to a whole new level. Absent any legal definition of the word “natural,” they slapped it on everything in sight—including foods containing genetically engineered soy, corn and beets.

If this honks you off and you would like to become involved in the effort to stop this insanity, then please consider a year-end donation to the OCA, or one of the many organizations that devote themselves to improving our food supply.

Thanks very much and have a great GMO-free week!


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