How totally awesome dogs are, and other epic lessons from 2013…

dog lessons

Happy 2014, health fans! Now that we are starting a fresh new year, I thought it would be a good idea to wrap up big lessons from 2013 and prepare to move onward and upward from there. So here they are (drumroll please…):

–  Just exactly how bad GMO’s are (as in capital B.A.D.)

  • I knew they were bad before, but only in a general sense. However, as I delved into books, reports and webinars on the subject, I got scared half to death. The franken-proteins in GMO’s likely damage our gut (where minor activities like immunity and assimilation of nutrition occur), give rise to food allergies and gluten intolerance, and cause chronic disease. They are also prevalent (corn, soy, sugar beets) and were introduced quietly in the 90’s, making us the subjects of the grandest human experiment ever. The net: avoid them whenever possible.
  • References:

–  Just exactly how diabolical corporations like Monsanto and Coca Cola are

  • There are indicators that GMO’s are hazardous to our health, but they are being shoved down our throats anyway by our government and the corporations that have bought and paid for it. I mean, holy craps, corporations which could give a hoot about public health are trying to control the world’s food supply by genetically modifying seeds in frightening ways that nature never intended, patenting them, lying about their benefits, covering up the dangers to our health, abolishing heirloom seeds, suing small farmers in an effort to put them out of business, contaminating non-GMO crops (for eternity, that’s all), buying elections to prevent GMO labeling…and oh, brainwashing our youth so they have a submissive set of voters in the near future:
  • Here are the ballsy non-profit organizations that are fighting the corporate/Wall Street takeover of our food supply – check them out:
  • Note that I do not have a problem with corporations making a huge profit if they are supplying a valuable product or service. However, if the corporation is supplying a product that is making us sick, lying about it, buying politicians and elections to maintain control…well, that is diabolical behavior that needs to be stopped. If the GMO products were so wholesome, they wouldn’t have to resort to these measures, right?

–  Just how good fats and cholesterol are for overall health

–  Just how great  a daily dose of probiotics, digestive enzymes and green smoothies is

  • I thought I was eating well until I read Kimberly Snyder’s book, then I realized I was falling short. Now I put probiotics, digestive enzymes, her Glowing Green Smoothie and a salad in my face every day and am feeling less bloated, leaner, and more energetic as a result. I’ve learned that these things are not optional, especially in light of the damage to our guts from the aforementioned GMO’s and also the antibiotics in the food supply.
  • Reference:
    • Beauty Detox, Kimberly Snyder, C.N.

–  Just how totally AWESOME dogs are

  • We adopted our Saint Bernard, Turkish, in January 2013 at 9 weeks of age and 27 lbs. He is now 160 lbs and an amazingly loving, forgiving, non-judgmental and fun-loving creature. Although he belches, rolls in the dirt, snores and snorts loudly, I’d say he is a great role model for us humans.

2013 was eye-opening for me, and I hope this information is helpful for you, too. Let’s learn more, love more, forgive more, judge less, and make more noise in 2014!


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