Let’s Dive into Detoxing!


Greetings, All, and welcome to Deep Dive Friday! We are going to dive into detoxing today. This is a great thing to consider doing on a regular basis because we are exposed to so many toxins that it is difficult for our bodies to keep up without added support.  We are in the middle of winter now, but the beginning of spring is a great time clear out the cobwebs from winter, detox, and refresh.  So read on and begin to prepare for your spring detox! Whoop whoop!

First, I present a blog about detoxing, with permission, from Anne Baker, Certified Nutrition Therapist (http://nourishholisticnutrition.com/). This is a great introduction to the value of detoxing in case you are not familiar with the process. If you are cleaning up your diet and are concerned about detoxing on your own, she is available to provide professional guidance.

Are toxins keeping you fat, sick and tired?

Detoxification or cleansing is very misunderstood. Cleansing allows the body to eliminate used wastes and toxins and helps improve our health as it removes harmful substances we in-hail, ingest and are exposed to every day.

Most people think of a cleansing program or detox as a way to purge their system of the poor food they have eaten and think of this as a way to lose weight. While it certainly helps with weight loss, cleansing or detoxing is also a valuable and healthy process for those who have undergone heavy pharmaceutical intravenous drugs, or who have been hospitalized. It’ also a must for anyone who has (or suspects they have) any food intolerance’s and always essential if you’ve been diagnosed with yeast overgrowth (Candida).

What are the benefits of detoxing?

All detoxing programs that are worth their salt, so to speak, must include a remove and replace component. This means taking out non-foods, foods that are really garbage, and those foods that are known to be reactive (like gluten, dairy, soy etc. that commonly cause an allergic immune response). These non- foods/toxic foods are replaced with whole foods (think lots of fresh green and brightly colored produce), healthy fats, proteins and of course plenty of filtered water. This helps your body process metabolites better because you’re reducing the load on your liver when you’re doing a detox. Cleansing or detoxing also helps re-balance the body due to consumption of more alkalizing foods. Any safe detox program needs to be done for several weeks and should include specific therapeutic and supportive supplements to ensure proper removal of toxins through the two stages of the process.

What actually happens when you detox?

While the body is always naturally detoxing, these days our bodies are exposed to many more contaminants than ever before due to industrially farmed food, processed foods, pharmaceutical medications, artificial stuff we put into our bodies, and all the pollutants in our environment, both in the home and outdoors. Over time this overload slows down the body’s ability to process and remove toxins and they build up – especially in fat stores.

The skin, lymph, lungs, kidneys and liver are all major pathways of the body for detoxifying, but the liver does the heavy lifting. When the liver is over worked and over burdened by medications, alcohol, caffeine, poor food choices and environmental toxins, proper digestion and assimilation of the nutrients you eat are much more difficult.

When you don’t digest properly, the nutrients from your food aren’t assimilated to nourish your body which not only leaves you feeling crummy (with low energy, difficulty losing weight and pain!) but also puts you at greater risk from invading pathogens. Anyone who frequently get sick with colds, flu, migraines, experiences nausea, constipation or diarrhea will most certainly benefit from cleansing.

– Anyone who wants to eliminate the trifecta of modern living – chronic pain, low energy and poor sleep – should look at cleaning up their detoxification pathways. 

– Likewise, if you have difficulty with concentration, ADHD, arthritis, GUT issues, or allergies, you should absolutely do a clinically supervised detox program (and also consider being tested for gluten intolerance – SGM).

Remember that the liver is not only the body’s main detoxifying organ as it also has a dual role in proper digestion of food. This is why so many people find it very difficult to lose unwanted weight – their livers are overloaded and fat loves to hold on to toxins! When we detoxify, our liver must convert fat soluble nutrients to water-soluble nutrients (Phase I and Phase II) before they can be eliminated. It’s a complicated process to convert these fat soluble toxins to water-soluble ones and involves a number of steps in the metabolic process. Frequently when people move too quickly, or have problems with some part of this conversion process, they end up with toxic metabolites that are far worse than those they were trying to eliminate in the first place. In effect they re-intoxify themselves. This is why the Master Cleanse is NOT a safe way to go about cleansing and I do not recommend it to anyone.

Which is the best detox for me?

Anne does a great job discussing the different types of detox programs here:


Bottom line: If you’ve been thinking of changing your diet and want to learn how to eat more healthfully, a detox can really help you get on the right path.

I teach people just like you how to transform from hopeless to happy again every day. Very often these people tell me that working with me was the catalyst for so many other positive transformations in their lives. If you have questions, contact me for added support at anne@nourishholisticnutrition.com or call (248) 891-5215.

Next, I present an excellent book on the topic, called The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder, a certified Clinical Nutritionist. If you feel confident about cleaning up your diet and detoxing on your own but want more information before starting, this is an excellent resource. Here’s what one of my favorites, Dr. Oz, has to say about it:

“Kimberly Snyder’s The Beauty Detox Solution is a must-read that intelligently highlights the importance of incorporating large amounts of greens and plant foods into our diet. It also provides the reader with innovative ways to maximize their consumption.”

True that! She provides an excellent overview of nutrition concepts, a step-wise approach to improving your diet (from Blossoming Beauty to Radiant Beauty to True Beauty), foods and supplements to incorporate for daily detoxing, what you may experience while detoxing, and a collection of delicious and healthy recipes. This is an easy-to-read and information-packed book that I also highly recommend because I have incorporated many of her suggestions and feel better as a result.

Third, I present a 3-Day Cleanse from Dr. Oz himself:


This looks very good. I have not tried it myself as of yet but plan to as I respect Dr. Oz’s guidance.

Finally, if you enjoy Pinterest, then check out the W Cubed boards here: http://www.pinterest.com/wcubedorg/. We keep them up to date with health and wellness information, including Cleansing and Detoxing.

I hope you find these resources helpful on your journey to great health!