Weekend Wrap…The Cringe-worthy Super Bowl Ad Edition

Greetings and Salutations! Let’s wrap about the big event that occurred yesterday. As someone who resides outside of Denver and who was therefore rooting for the Broncos, I’d say the outcome was…shocking, shall we say? We watched the game with several friends and the tone for most of it was disbelief, after the safety, after the first interception, after the second interception, after the kick-off return…you get the idea! For me, this sense of disbelief extended to several of the commercials. I know the commercials will be ranked in many lists and I shall present a top 3 list of the Biggest Corporate Snowjobs:

#3: The American Cancer Society commercial

This commercial was well done and tugged at the heartstrings because it showed a woman battling cancer and a spouse who loved her and would be devastated without her. Of course you want everyone in her situation to win. However, I call this a snowjob because in reality, the ACS does a poor job of giving women like her access to holistic, effective, non-pharmaceutical tools to treat the root causes of their disease and really beat it for good. Note that I am not referring to pie-in-the-sky treatments, chanting and crystals, but rather understood methods of working with the body to boost immunity instead of working against it with chemo and radiation treatments.  I elaborated on this point here: https://wholebodymindspirit.wordpress.com/2013/12/09/weekend-wrapwhat-the-american-cancer-society-doesnt-tell-us-about-food/.

#2: The Coca-Cola commercial

This commercial was also beautifully done and captured the lofty sense of unity that we all aspire to feel with one another as Americans. Shame it was from a corporation that donates millions to fight GMO labeling laws (so we don’t know what is on our food) and about a product that is total crap. There’s nothing lofty about what Coke is putting into the world. I elaborated on this point here: https://wholebodymindspirit.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/lets-dive-into-inorganic-chemistry-i-mean-into-soda/

And the winner is…

#1: The Monsanto commercial

Ah, yes, the smiling family farmers and the corporation that is their partner in success! If only that were true. What a bunch of BS that image is! Here’s what Monsanto wants to do:

– Patent and control our food supply

– Put family farms out of business by forcing them to buy expensive patented GM seeds every year (instead of reusing seeds from the previous harvest, as has been done for millennia) and suing them if GM seeds grow in their fields without their knowledge

– Empower factory farms which use GM seeds so they have a monopoly on our food supply

– Force GM foods upon us by fighting labeling laws, not by proving that GM foods are safe

– Intimidate scientists or scholarly journals which publish data that show that GM foods are not safe

I’ve blogged extensively about this because I think genetic modification is the defining food issue of our time. See these 3 posts:




My opinion is that those of us living today must stop this insanity, or it is game over, because once natural and heritage crops are adulterated by GM seeds, the process can not be reversed.

Speaking of insanity, I loved this commercial by Stephen Colbert! He is nuts!


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