Thoughts about 7-syllable ingredients, real food, and banding together


Good day, all! Our multi-syllabic ingredient for today is Azodicarbonamide [1], which has received a lot of press lately because Food Babe Vani Hari has been causing a ruckus about it being in commercially available bread at fast food venues and grocery stores. She launched a petition for the removal of the dangerous plastic chemical from Subway sandwich bread and has also questioned other corporations like Starbucks about their use of it. I would encourage you to sign the petition whether, or not, you are a fan of bread. The reason I say this is because Vani is doing something very important by mobilizing the masses to hold corporations accountable for what they put into our food. What is particularly galling about this situation is that Subway makes a better product for the UK and Europe, but it is not available in the US! They likely do this because they think they can get away with it because we are not paying as much attention. Vani is helping us pay attention by shining sunlight on issues such as this that may get little press otherwise. Sign the petition and support her efforts, please and thank you!

Let’s step back from this issue for a moment and just think about what real food is because we’ve lost track. (It is not Azodicarbonamide.) I think that the graphic below sums it up pretty well:

real food

Crazy that we have to really think about, and diligently acquire, REAL food, right? All of this makes me think about a quote from Dr. Mark Hyman:

“When it becomes a revolutionary act to eat real food, we are in trouble.”

I’d say we are in trouble and need to get all up into that revolutionary state of mind. Except in this case, our sorties are trips to the farmer’s market; we evade junk food land mines at the grocery store; our arms include gardening gloves, pots, pans, cooking utensils and cutting boards;  we see through the propaganda from the multinationals and factory farms and allocate our grocery budgets accordingly; and our greatest strength comes from banding together to make our voices heard. I guess it is no coincidence that the Food Babe calls her peeps the “Food Babe Army”.

Are you in?


Image courtesy of the Organic Consumers Association.



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