Everything you wanted to know about fat but were afraid to ask


Greetings! Let’s dive into the sweet stuff today in honor of Valentine’s Day. Yes, it is sugar that causes heart attacks, not saturated fats and cholesterol in our food. Oopsie! As Dr. Hyman explains in his recent blog post, fifty years of doctors’ advice and government eating guidelines have been wrong. We’ve been told to swap eggs for Cheerios. But that recommendation is dead wrong. In fact, it’s very likely that this bad advice has killed millions of Americans. A rigorously done new study shows that those with the highest sugar intake had a four-fold increase in their risk of heart attacks compared to those with the lowest intakes. That’s 400%! Just one 20-ounce soda increases your risk of a heart attack by about 30%.

This is a major paradigm shift. For years, we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that fat causes heart attacks and raises cholesterol, and that sugar is harmless except as a source of empty calories. They are not empty calories. As it turns out, sugar calories are deadly calories. Sugar causes heart attacks, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and dementia, and is the leading cause of liver failure in America. And fats, including saturated fats, have been unfairly blamed. With the exception of trans fats, fats are actually protective. This includes omega-3 fats, nuts and olive oil, which was proven to reduce heart attack risk by more than 30% in a recent large randomized controlled study.

I recommend that you read the entire post because Dr. Hyman tosses truth bombs all over the status quo which has likely cost million of Americans their health and wellness.

I would add that it is STILL costing Americans their health and wellness. Just today, I was watching the cooking/talk show “The Chew” while eating lunch. Chef Michael Symon was teaching a group how to make a dish which required a stick of butter. One of the members of the group shouted “Hey I have high cholesterol, so I can’t eat all that butter!”. I wanted to throw my copy of Grain Brain through the television and into that studio! (If only it were possible!) This poor fellow has been brainwashed into fearing butter, and likely eggs, because *according to conventional wisdom which is WRONG* they contain saturated fat and cholesterol, and therefore cause cardiovascular disease. He’s probably starving his brain of necessary fats and cholesterol and is on statins, which are killing him slowly. ARGH!

There is solid evidence that this epidemic of obesity has resulted from replacing saturated fat in the American diet with carbohydrates and processed polyunsaturated vegetable oils starting in the 1980’s, as shown in the graph below [1]. Of course, we can’t forget that GMO’s and artificial everything hit the scene around then, too, but the carbs/sugars are likely the major players:

The net? We all need to shout far and wide about these dietary falsehoods that have been drummed onto our heads because the standard American high carb, low fat diet is killing us – making us fat, sick, and stupid (yes, a bigger waistline has been correlated with a smaller brain [2]). Since an obese populace is a boon for Big Food and Big Pharma, we are not going to get real solutions to this health crisis from our government or industry. It’s up to us to find our way back to true health and wellness. Read this post by Dr. Miller  [1] which is basically everything you wanted to know about fat but were afraid to ask, educate yourself [3], think for yourself, talk about sugar to your family and friends, shout about it from the mountain tops, or blog if you are so inclined.

In closing, I would like to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a day to celebrate love for yourself and everyone in your life, so I hope it is a great day for you!

[2] Grain Brain, David Perlmutter, M.D., 2013

6 thoughts on “Everything you wanted to know about fat but were afraid to ask

    • Hi Mike! Good to hear from you. That spike is likely due to many things that went sideways starting in the 80’s, a decrease in physical activity included. In order to be very healthy, a clean diet, physical activity and stress management are necessary. Totally agree with that! However, if you stick to a clean diet based mostly on whole, unprocessed foods (mostly plant based), you will likely not become obese even if you don’t exercise much. You won’t be really healthy either, but likely not obese. It’s the obesity from poor diet that we are focusing on because it leads to diabetes and so many other health issues. This is not to say that physical activity is unimportant – it is very important. It’s just that we are working on fixing a seriously jammed up food supply which is the basis of so many health issues. I hope that makes sense!

      • Is it possible that focusing more on the exercise and physical activity portion of the equation could lead to a reduction of these health issues, as well as only focusing on caloric density of your diet? (Calories in/calories out)

  1. Your question brings up a couple of issues. Firstly, I believe that junk in = junk out. That is to say, if you eat a lot of junk foods (artificial processed foods, soft drinks, a lot of sugar, sweeteners, bad fats, etc), your body will be built at the cellular level from junk, and you will not be healthy and likely overweight. Now if you exercise, you may not carry around a lot of extra weight, but you will still have a junk body that is prone to disease. You can become insulin resistant from a worn out pancreas, and eventually diabetic, from too many carbs and sugar even if you are not overweight. Secondly, I don’t believe in counting calories. If you eat well you don’t have to count because you are giving your body the nutrition it needs at every meal. I personally don’t count calories, am a healthy weight (115 lbs) and yet am never hungry because I fill up on the good stuff – hemp protein smoothies, green smoothies, salads, vegetables of every sort, and meat several times a week. What I am advocating is a healthy body from the inside out which can only come from nutrition. This is different from keeping weight down by exercising off calories of dubious origin.

  2. wendy calder says:

    nutrition is the basis as we r a cell level in our creation , the way we grow repair and heal but the as Barbara anne brennan writes in her book hands of healing light we are solid liquid gas and light the universal energy spirit form .And this to i notice it comes form the hand of GOD ! enlightening really the challenge of the world as we know it is adrenal function and put JC in the main arena beautiful things happen….and thats worth food for thought.
    wendy calder podiatrist

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