Eat Well and Prosper! Gen R Recap…


Greetings and salutations, my friends! Yesterday on my VoiceAmerica radio show Generation Regeneration, I interviewed Certified Nutritionist Anne Baker. It was a fun and informative discussion, which you can catch here if you missed it. Anne shed light on why counseling from a credentialed nutritionist is so helpful. One big reason is that a diet and supplement plan which is tailored to the individual can manage, and may even prevent, many health issues. Another reason is that conventional medical doctors are not trained in this field, and therefore can not provide much guidance, even if you ask for it. So if you want help with a variety of health issues, working with a credentialed nutritionist is a great place to start.

Anne then described a condition that she helps many patients manage, which she referred to as the Trifecta of Modern Living – chronic pain, low energy, and poor sleep. She then made the point that patients that have these ailments may have an underlying issue with chronic inflammation, which is insidious and can lead to more serious conditions. She then elaborated on the 3 pathways to inflammation that can be managed with improved diet and supplements: the detox pathway, the digestive system, and the immune pathway. The good news is that, to a large extent, the amount of inflammation in our bodies is a function of our diet and lifestyle, and hence under our control. Anne included helpful information on her website on all of these topics.

I hope you found the show and this post informative! You can stay apprised of W Cubed, Inc. activities here and contribute to the conversation on Twitter @SandraGMalhotra #WeAreGenR.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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