Going Deeper with a Shaman and Medicine Woman…Gen R Recap


Greetings, All! Yesterday on my VoiceAmerica radio show Generation Regeneration, we spoke with our favorite Shaman and Medicine Woman, Rene Villard-Reid. I love what she had to say. If you missed it, you can catch it at your convenience On Demand here.

Rene first reviewed what she taught us about Shamanism during her first appearance on 11/18/14, which you can catch here if you missed it. She reviewed how Shamans work with spirit allies in an alternate reality consists of a lower, middle and upper world. They are very different and quite fascinating.

She then spent quite a bit of time describing the methods that Shamans use to heal and integrate their patients. The most common methods include soul retrieval, retrieval of a power animal or spiritual ally, removal of unwanted energies, past life retrievals, generational programming for illnesses, and preparing for death. Rene talked about how she uses these methods and gave specific case studies. I was impressed by the deep level of healing at the emotional and spiritual levels that can be achieved by working with a Shaman; healing that could not occur by dealing with the body or rational mind only, as is typically done with western medicine.

During the show on 11/18/14, Rene mentioned that Shamans helped to ensure the survival of their primitive communities by tapping into knowledge about their surroundings by journeying into alternate realities. They gained insights far beyond what their five senses could provide from their spirit allies about where to live and hunt, for example. I closed this show by stating my belief that Shamans are necessary today, too, because they bring something to the table which is lacking in our frenetic, disconnected society. Shamans show reverence and respect for all living things, they work in harmony with the energy and entities that surround us, and their goal is to always be of highest service to their patients by providing physical, emotional and spiritual healing. In today’s world, where our bodies, minds, and spirits are fragmented from each other and the world around us, the integration that Shamans provide is necessary for our survival. The Shamanic way is not the only path as the spiritual sciences of yoga and Ayurveda can also provide this integration, which we will discuss in detail with guests in January. It’s the integration that is key, and I have found Shamanic healing a powerful way of achieving it for myself.

Thank you for checking out this post. I hope you found it informative and helpful! You can learn more about W Cubed activities at http://www.wcubedcommunity.com. Namaste!


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