What do a Naturopath, Shaman, Nutritionist and M.D. have in common? The Gen R Radio show!


Greetings and Happy New Year! Welcome to the 2014 wrap-up of my weekly Generation Regeneration radio show on VoiceAmerica. Our first show aired on 11/18/14, so we produced seven shows for the year. Each show featured a knowledgeable guest who discussed ways to regenerate our bodies, minds or spirits. I learned a great deal from them and would like to summarize the shows so that you can check them out if you missed them. I hope you will because each show was jam-packed with helpful information!

Certified Nutritionist Anne Baker joined us for 2 shows, Eat Well and Prosper and Nutrition Hypothe-myths (click on link to listen to show On Demand). In Eat Well and Prosper, Anne shed light on why counseling from a credentialed nutritionist is so helpful. One big reason is that a diet and supplement plan which is tailored to the individual can manage, and may even prevent, many health issues. Another reason is that conventional medical doctors are not trained in this field, and therefore can not provide much guidance, even if you ask for it. Anne then described a condition that she helps many patients manage, which she referred to as the Trifecta of Modern Living – chronic pain, low energy, and poor sleep. She then made the point that patients that have these ailments may have an underlying issue with chronic inflammation, which is insidious and can lead to more serious conditions. She then elaborated on the 3 pathways to inflammation that can be managed with improved diet and supplements: the detox pathway, the digestive system, and the immune pathway. The good news is that, to a large extent, the amount of inflammation in our bodies is a function of our diet and lifestyle, and hence under our control.

Anne returned for a second show, entitled Nutrition Hypothe-myths. So what is a hyothe-myth, you might ask? Good question, as I made it up! A hypothesis is a scientific term, and is a theory that is not yet proven but leads to further investigation, typically using the scientific method to prove or disprove it. A myth is an idea or story that is believed by many but is not true. A hypothe-myth starts out as a hypothesis, gets tested by the scientific community using dubious methods, gains support amongst the establishment, impacts government policy, and turns out to be a myth. Unfortunately, there are several Nutrition Hypothe-myths that we need to banish from our psyches forever. The two that we covered are officially known as the Diet Heart Hypothesis and Lipid Hypothesis, which state that dietary saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for health and should be avoided. We get into why nothing could be further from the truth where high quality sources of each are concerned.

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and integrative health advocate Dr. Christopher Nagy then joined us and elaborated on many of the points that we discussed with Anne in Caped Health Crusader by Night. Dr. Nagy spent quite a bit of time discussing the importance of hormone health, and how to achieve it. He made a great point about the importance of bio-identical hormone replacement for women at the beginning of menopause. He discussed the importance of cholesterol in the diet because it is the building block for all types of hormones (like insulin and cortisol), and also gave his viewpoint on what should be considered high cholesterol. Hint: he doesn’t just look at LDL and HDL numbers. Dr. Nagy dropped many more truth bombs, regarding thyroid health, the relationship between leaky gut and autoimmune diseases (like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, lupus, skin rashes), and the importance of a healthy gut microbiome.

Naturopathic Doctor Jason Barker joined us in Why Naturopaths Rock. It was a fun and informative conversation. Dr. Barker described his field for those who are not familiar with it, and went into detail about the 4-year post-graduate degree he earned. He also drew a big distinction about the way he provides health care to his patients as compared to a conventional M.D. When you visit a naturopath for the first time, you will need to fill out a detailed intake form which describes your lifestyle, diet, previous health conditions, etc., so they can really get to know you. And then each time you visit the naturopath, they may spend upwards of 1 hour talking to you, doing a physical exam, and possibly doing further laboratory testing. The big point is that the naturopath will spend the time required to understand the root cause of your ailment and then will prescribe treatments which work with your body so it can heal itself. We then discussed why Type 2 diabetes is becoming so prevalent, even in kids, and how it is possible for those with Type 2 diabetes to be weaned off of insulin with proper diet and lifestyle changes. I found that part of the conversation empowering! We also covered the topics of supplements and vaccinations, which I found super informative.

We focused on the topic of vaccinations in Healing from a Vaccine Injury. It was an informative and touching episode because our guest was Andy De, an accomplished professional and father of a daughter who was struck by a devastating vaccine injury. I started the show by noting that the government stance is that vaccines are safe and effective for all, and that if you question this orthodoxy, you are branded a paranoid, unscientific, ignorant loon. Andy and I are none of the above, are concerned that the facts do not support the government stance, and feel strongly that parents need to educate themselves about the pros and cons of vaccinations so that they can make informed decisions for their children. Our goal was to provide awareness about the real possibility of a vaccine injury and direct parents to helpful resources to learn more. We therefore suggested that parents look into the following resources to learn more and not simply follow the status quo or be shamed into a course of action they are not comfortable with.

We also delved into spiritual and emotional health by featuring a Shaman and Medicine Woman Rene Villard-Reid in Introduction to Shamanic Healing and Going Deeper with a Shaman. In both episodes, Rene gave a tutorial about how she realized and developed her gifts and the type of work that Shamans do. It became clear to me that she, and others like her, simply rock because they bring something to the table that is sorely lacking in today’s society. For example, Shamans show reverence and respect for nature and all living things; they work in harmony with the energy and entities that surrounds us; and their goal is always to be of highest service to their clients by providing physical, emotional and spiritual healing. In today’s fragmented world, where our bodies, minds and spirits are fragmented from the world around us, the integration that Shamans provide is frankly going to be necessary for our survival. The current trajectory of chronic disease, war, and environmental destruction…mostly in the name of profit for multi-national corporations…is not sustainable. If you thought that Shamans were out of fashion, and only needed in primitive societies, think again!

And that does it for 2014! We look forward to 2015 and hope you will join us, either live or On Demand! Our first show on 1/6/15 will focus on genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s, which all of our 2014 guests warned us about. Tune in to learn more!


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