Gen R Recap…3 weeks of Goodness

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Greetings and salutations, my friends! I hope you all are well. We’ve been having a lot of fun on Generation Regeneration for the past 3 weeks. Our guests have been fantastic – if you missed the shows, click on the links below and listen to them at your convenience On Demand!

On the 2/3/15 show, we featured certified yoga instructor and co-owner of Mindstream Yoga Studio in Fort Collins, CO, Darla Roselle. Darla spent the entire show discussing the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga, which was written thousands of years ago, but is just as relevant today. Although many in the West associate Yoga only with the physical postures, did you know that the real goal of yoga is spiritual enlightenment? The physical postures (and a perfect crow pose!) are not the end game, but are intended to tone and relax the body so that you can sit for hours in meditation. The Eight Limbed Path is a beautiful guide to living with integrity, treating yourself with respect, toning the body, living mindfully, and reaching higher levels of consciousness. If we all followed the Eight Limbed Path, we would all be able to live more happily and create a more peaceful society. This is a journey we should all embark upon, knowing that we won’t be perfect, but that it’s the intention that counts.

On the 2/10/15 show, integrative M.D. Dr. Christopher Nagy discussed what genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) do to our bodies. Despite what Monsanto mouthpieces try to brainwash us into thinking, the science about the safety of GMO’s has NOT been settled. Not by a long shot since over 60 other countries have banned GMO’s. Dr. Nagy talked eloquently about what happens to your gut, the source of our overall health, when you ingest glyphosate (a.k.a. RoundUp) and Bt toxin. Talk about an enlightening show. I highly encourage you to check this one out if you are on the fence about GMO’s. It’ll be a no-brainer after you hear what he has to say.

On the 2/17/15 show, holistic healer Dr. Debra Arko Novotny taught us about the unique and integrative approach she uses to help her patients, and gave many helpful pointers. She made a powerful point about how important emotional and spiritual balance are for the absorption of the nutrients of our food! If your body and mind are relaxed, then your parasympathetic nervous system is in control. This is known as the rest and digest system, and is the state that we must be in for nourishment and regeneration. If we are stressed and view the world in a highly negative way, then your sympathetic nervous system is in control, which is for fight or flight. When you are in this state, it does not matter how much expensive organic food you eat…you will not be gaining the full benefit of it because your body is getting ready to run or fight, not nourish itself. Thus, the best nourishment can be obtained from a positive world view, spiritual connection and emotional balance. She talked about much more, so please tune in to learn more!

One final note I would like to make is about the recent release of an exciting book by Vani Hari, a.k.a. The Food Babe, called The Food Babe Way. If you are not aware, Vani is a food activist and the creator of You can sign up there for her updates, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter. She and her grassroots Food Babe Army put pressure on corporations to clean up the ingredients in their food, steering them toward more healthful choices. Her latest initiative is to pressure on Kellogg’s and General Mills to remove harmful preservative BHT from their cereals, which by the way, then have done in Europe already, so it’s possible. Her book, The Food Babe Way, is a must read for anyone who wants to become educated about the ingredients in our food supply that should be avoided, which she calls The Sickening 15. Vani then goes through 21 small but powerful changes that you can make to improve your diet over a 3-week period. She makes the point that the weight loss, improved energy and health make these changes well worth it! Check out The Food Babe Way to learn more!

And that is all of this installment of our blog! We hope these shows are helping you on your path to health and wellness. Great health is within reach, and you deserve it. I’d love to hear your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or Tweet @SandraGMalhotra #WeAreGenR. Namaste!


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