From Turkish, with love

Me and Turks

It’s funny how we say that we’ve “rescued” or “adopted” a pet. I think it’s the other way around – they rescue us.

We brought home a 9-week-old Saint Bernard in January 2013 and named him “Turkish” (if you are a fan of Guy Ritchie flicks, you will know where that offbeat name came from). Little did I know that is when his rescue mission began, and that it would end a short 34 months later on October 30, 2015. That was the worst day of my life because his sudden passing shattered my heart into 1 million pieces. He was my sweet boy – he pranced into my heart with his big face, kind eyes, and wagging tail and took up full-time residence. The grief was unbearable and my mind just did not want to accept that he was gone. Of course, it didn’t make any sense and I wanted to know why. WHY!!??

But now that some time has passed, the clouds are beginning to part, the tears are subsiding, and I can see that it was also the most powerful day of my life because my heart was shattered into 1 million pieces. Because, you see, out of the rubble I could rebuild a heart capable of bigger love and compassion than ever before; a love as big as what he gave to me, which was constant and unconditional.  I know now that I must move forward in this way, even if it’s hard with the chaos and hate in this world.  I must leave behind any anger, impatience, and judgement kicking around in my heart in order to honor his amazing spirit and the short time he chose to spend with us.

While in this world, I may never understand why he chose that day, 10/30/15, to leave us, but I love him enough to know that it was for an important reason. Perhaps the lessons needed to be learned, then, in order for me to draw other things into my life which will support my journey. I know he loved me enough to only do what was in my highest good, even if it involved breaking my heart.

I am honored to say that I was rescued by a beautiful Saint Bernard named Turkish, and that his big paw prints will remain on my heart, always. I cherish the thought of being rescued again.


Deep-dive Friday topic: Our Wile E. Egos

ego pic

Welcome back! Today’s post will be short and sweet, but will challenge you to think deeply about how much your allow your ego to impact your life and relationships. We all have an ego, which to me represents control and attachment. For example, we may become attached to possessions, material wealth, other people, our looks, or our reputation, to name a few pitfalls. We may also want to feel in control of others, situations around us, outcomes of our actions, and future events. Our egos trick us into thinking that maintaining control, achieving perfection and acquiring physical things will result in happiness, but it never does and the pursuit never ends! Our egos make us act like Wile E. Coyote, who is compelled to forever chase the Roadrunner (who represents perfection, wealth, control, etc.) yet never catch him. The reality is that we do not have to identify so closely with our egos, and that happiness and peace are within reach by training our minds to relinquish the need to obsessively control people and things, live in present moment and be grateful for the abundance already in our lives. This is not to say that we should not set goals and pursue them; rather we should do all we can to achieve them, but realize we are not in control of the outcome. Work hard and be grateful for what transpires. What “should be” is a mental construct and a figment of your imagination; appreciate what is right now, because the present moment is all we really have.

This is easier said than done and I found that the practice of regular meditation is very helpful in providing a positive perspective. I am personally a big fan of Deepak Chopra’s guided meditations, which can be found here: I have purchased Perfect Health, Abundance and Desire & Destiny, and they were life changing. I therefore encourage you to give yourself the gift of true peace and happiness by adding the practice of daily meditation to your routine. You CAN teach your Wile E. Ego that it doesn’t need to chase and catch the Roadrunner to be blissfully happy after all!